Compatible applications

Smart Mobility

Display in real time the waiting time before the next buses

Display in real time the occupancy rate of the next buses.

Count in real time the passengers waiting at the stop.

Count in real time their respective waiting time.

Count the number of passengers getting on and off the bus, study the connections as well as the origins - destinations.

Detect and illuminate people at the stop at night.

Detect and interact with people with disabilities, adapt the communication tool and potentially the mobility service.

Predict demand over time and improve planning with AI.

Send specific requests to monitor traffic lights (for buses, or police, ambulances and firemen using a specific route...)

Shared roadway

Count road vehicles (light/heavy).

Study car fill rates.

Study traffic flow.

Evaluate roadway conditions after a snowstorm.

Track and monitor snow removal progress.

Detect people with functional limitations (at and near stops) and send specific requests (e.g. traffic light control).

Count cyclists on the roadway.

Count pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Count available car parking nearby.

Smart City, Safety, Urban Planning and Environment

Feedback and measurement of people's satisfaction with the mobility service or other types of surveys (e.g. via QR code display).

Real-time mapping of air quality, heat islands, noise.

Detection of gunshots by triangulation of the city.

Detection of screams and violence.

Detection of vandalism.

Audio and on-screen alert messages.

Identification of vehicles crossing lanes and red lights.

Network coverage overview by SDR for telecom service providers.

Promote ultra-local businesses around bus stops to exploit available time.

We offer a technological platform
for mobility and the smart city.