About us

BusPas Inc, a Montreal-based development company, has created an innovative solution that meets the current needs of so-called "smart" mobility.

In the context of the smart city, our project consists of establishing a digital ecosystem based on the power of the Internet of Things and its potential for new applications in the field of public transportation, in order to improve the experience of operators and users.

BusPas' infrastructure covers the entire transportation network with IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, on-board computers enabling edge computing, a communication system linked to a platform on which artificial intelligence is operated. Transport operators and partners have access to data collected in real time and archived through our open architecture.

BusPas' offer is the first of its kind. It is the foundation of a much larger ecosystem of open data and resources for transportation and the city.

Tangente AI


BusPas is the initiator of Tangente AI, a project that mobilizes academic experts in the fields of technology and public transportation. Its collaborators are KPI Digital, expert in business intelligence and Enseicom, leader in the creation of urban furniture and IoT development laboratory.

The goal of BusPas organization is to create value for cities and transportation organizations, fostering sustainable, strong and positive relationships between citizens and mobility users as well as stakeholders in the city and smart mobility. Founded by transit software developers, BusPas is a dynamic development company committed to advancing today's mobility and shaping tomorrow's. Using cloud and mobile technologies, we transform the mobility experience for users and support transit agencies in the smart city.

We offer a technological platform
for mobility and the smart city.