About us

Buspas is a technology development corporation mobilizing experts in the fields of technology and public transport with the goal of improving the life of citizens and public transit users as well as improving the operational efficiency of cities and transit operators. Thanks to cloud and mobile technology, we contribute to ensure a better experience to users.  


Tangente AI

Also, BusPas works in collaboration with universities across Quebec for all aspect related to data management among which the Internet of Things Laboratory (IDO).

The aim of BusPas is to create value 
for cities and transport agencies,
thus fostering long-lasting, close and positive relationships between citizens and users of mobility and the city's stakeholders and intelligent mobility. Founded by transit software developers, BusPas is a dynamic development company committed to improving the customer experience for both users and transportation agencies. With cloud and mobile technologies, we help make public transport as enjoyable as possible.

Our services

User/Customer Loyalty Program Loyalty and reward :
users/customers who join your transit community. Show them that they matter with a rewards program that optimizes their experience.

User/customer feedback :
Communicate with your users/customers and listen to them, solve their differences and contribute to their experience. Share their feedback and create a community of customer users.

Real-time transport network schedule tracking app Don't let users/customers waste their time waiting :
Allow them to follow their buses in real time and help them get to their stops at the right time.

Offers for Mobile Users/Customers :
Engage local merchants in your transit community. Offer users/customers exclusive offers based on their stops, itineraries and schedules. Encourage optimal behaviour by encouraging users/customers to travel outside of peak hours.

Analysis and optimization for users/customers :
Reduce wait times at bus stops. Optimize connections and bus transfers. Inform users/customers of the fastest routes, schedules and seats available on their bus.

Our team


Youval Abenhaim

A serial entrepreneur, Youval is an undisputed leader and mobilizer known for his vision of the evolution of the smart mobility industry.


Greg Vitetzakis

High-calibre strategist in solution development.

Senior advisor, Marketing and transportation.

Pierre Bourbonniere

Expert in the field of smart mobility and customer experience.

Jennifer Steinberg
Project Manager, Human Resources and Administration.


David Nezry

An experienced manager in
information technology and
business resolutions.


Florin Talos

Solution developer and AI
solution expert.

Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Technology integration

Nathalie Ricci

Former President & CEO of a global leading ITS and Fare collection system provider. Her 20 years international expertise in SaaS & MaaS allowed her to become a high-level executive.