We offer a technological platform
for mobility and the smart city.

BusPas is shaping the future of mobility through a connected
infrastructure directly at the bus stop.

Vision at BusPas

Our project is part of the smart mobility and smart city concepts. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT), it contributes to the development of mobility as a service (MaaS), promotes multimodality from bus stops and allows the integration of additional applications in an ecosystem dedicated to the city.

Our technology is designed to be a "building block" for smart mobility.

By deploying our display in interaction with the environment at each bus stop, we improve the transport service, the efficiency of the lines, the quality of the service and therefore the experience of the customers. Our technology connects the transit agency to its passengers at the bus stop to increase ridership and develop a lasting relationship of trust with users.

At BusPas, we believe in the potential of a connected, modular, scalable, smart transportation network based on existing bus routes. We believe that an innovative infrastructure opens up the possibilities for tomorrow's integrated and shared mobility.

BusPas for the operator

BusPas is focused on developing a technology for transit agencies to provide them with an infrastructure on which they can improve their existing service. Making mobility smarter is one of the challenges of our century.

By the term smart mobility, we understand a more efficient shared mobility.

In the future, if we want to compete with the personal car and its attributes, shared mobility must evolve.

For this reason, we are committed to the development of a structural basis for mobility services, connected from bus stops. With the solution proposed by BusPas, the transit agency is able to obtain statutory information about each connected bus stop in real time and thus to adapt accordingly. It allows to improve existing demand prediction systems, if not to produce new ones, or to have a better understanding of user practices (origins - destinations and connections between equipped stops). Eventually, we believe that the bus stop will become a mobility hub in the proximity of all.

BusPas for the passenger

Developing a solution for the operator intrinsically means seeking to improve the quality of service for its users. In this sense, our solution also offers features for passengers. Many transport authorities and governmental authorities around the world are committed to reduce carbon emissions resulting from people' s mobility. This reduction of carbon emissions is partly achieved by increasing bus ridership, or more generally, by increasing shared mobility.

This is why our solution aims to make the transport service more attractive by facilitating the communication of the operator to the passenger from the bus stop, by increasing the safety of the outdoor areas during the day and night, by considering the needs of people with disabilities in order to improve universal accessibility to mobility. 

BusPas for the city

While serving as an infrastructure for the transit agency, BusPas' solution increases the intelligence of the city. On-board sensors deployed at bus stops enable the development of various applications for the city, including safety, traffic flow measurement and environmental information.