What is ORA?

ORA is an ecosystem developed by BusPas, supporting applications integrated in an open and shared infrastructure, providing concrete services to the city.

These functionalities use data from the immediate vicinity of bus stops and are partly developed by universities and our partners.

They are declined under several aspects such as "smart mobility", aiming at improving public transport services and experiences, "shared roadway", aiming at evaluating, detecting, measuring flows in a given environment, "smart city", aiming at providing granular information for urban planning purposes or improving safety.

What is the SpaD unit?

BusPas is developing a smart and stand-alone connected display called SpaD.

This solution allows to replace the current bus timetable signs in less than an hour. It can be coupled to an existing power supply when the bus stop is equipped with one, or it can operate autonomously with a lithium battery and a solar panel, all on a simple pole.

The unit displays the desired information, updated in real time, while capturing information through onboard sensors, which are also shared in real time with the ORA ecosystem. BusPas technology creates intelligence for the city, its transport agency and provides a variable communication tool for its waiting passengers.

The design chosen allows for the use of virtual machines integrated in each unit, hosting the applications developed in ORA, enhancing the intelligence level of the infrastructure.

Integrated sensors

Real-time data

Open infrastructure

Interactive interface

Variable communication

Energy autonomy

We offer a technological platform
for mobility and the smart city.